We believe that our success depends on our commitment of better service for our customers. Change the way you bank with our service guarantee and make sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Bank the way you want

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What you get
  • Debit card issued in 20 minutes
  • Personal cheque book replacements in 3 working days for Accra and 4 working days for upcountry branches (if requested through ATMs or internet banking)

Note: If we fail to deliver any of these within these timeframes, we’ll waive your fee. 

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Service guarantee offering with terms and conditions

This Service Guarantee covers only the issuance and replacement of un-embossed debit cards, cheque book requests (via ATM and Internet banking)

  • We pledge to instantly issue un-embossed debit card after receiving all required documentation, identifying and verifying customer(Instant means, the cards are issued within 20 minutes of receiving required documentation, identifying, verifying applicant’s documents)
  • The guarantee starts when it is recorded on our system when card printing starts and ends when the customer has successfully reset his/her pin
  • We will honour your personal cheque book request via our ATM/Internet Banking platform within 3 working days of receiving your request for cheque books within Accra/Tema destination and 4 working days for upcountry destinations
  • The guarantee starts when it is recorded on our system and ends when the customer is alerted of cheque book availability for pick up

Note: Should we break our promise, we will compensate the customer by waiving the service fee that would have applied to the service.

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This guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions
  • The fee or charge to be waived is subject to revision at the discretion of the Bank
  • The guarantee is only applicable when a customer has provided the correct documentation required for processing the service and has been duly identified by the Bank

Note: Should the Bank experience disruptions in any event or circumstances beyond the Bank’s control which will impact the normal delivery of services or force majeure, the service guarantee will not apply.

  • The guarantee has no retrospective effect prior to the date of its announcement
  • We reserve the right to terminate a service guarantee at any time after giving you reasonable notice
  • The call centre will only contact customers when a service breach is suspected to have occurred
  • If the customer does not receive communication from the Bank in respect of the Service Guarantee, they are urged to make a claim with the Bank within 3 months of having received the service

Note: Service Guarantee is not applicable when Customer is unavailable or held responsible of causing any delay that may occur including wrong data provided

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Service guarantee excludes the following:

Debit cards

  • Embossed debit cards are excluded from this service
  • Requests submitted with incorrect details
  • Where customer does not have sufficient funds

Cheque book requests

  • Requests submitted with incorrect details
  • Requests made from other channels other than Internet Banking or ATM
  • When customer does not have sufficient funds
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