Your home is where your heart is, so keep it safe with our Home Protection Policy. In partnership with Hollard, Barclays Home Protection provides financial cover for damage or loss to your home and contents - giving you added security as a home owner.

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How it works

What you get
  • Cover against water or oil leaks from fixed installations and other appliances
  • Cover against theft or attempted theft if you get burgled
  • Cover against events like storms, explosions, floods and riots
  • Cover against accidental damage to glass fixtures and electronic equipment in your house
  • Personal liability cover against third party claims and compensation to domestic workers
  • Temporary accommodation for you, your family and pets
  • Cost of temporary storage for home contents
  • Cost of preparing new title deeds to your home
  • Replacement of keys, locks, or remote control unit
  • Replacement or repair of water-pumping machinery
  • Access to 24 hour emergency response in the event of theft
What you need to know
  • The Home Protection Policy covers insured events in three main categories, including: 
    • Fire and other perils
    • Burglary
    • Personal liability
  • Premiums are paid monthly
  • Terms and conditions apply
What to bring when you apply
  • Completed application form

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