This life insurance product covers funeral expenses for you and your loved ones, offering financial support when it’s needed most.

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How it works

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What you get
  • A plan for every family type (nuclear to extended)
  • Option to pay by debit order
  • 10% of the total contribution gets paid out to you if you don’t claim every five years of the life of the policy
  • Financial support for beneficiaries in difficult times
  • At the death of the policy holder, 5% of the sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary every month for 6 months
  • Immediate cash payout to cover funeral expenses of loved ones
  • Choice of five plans with five options in each plan
  • If the principal member passes away accidentally, double of the sum assured is paid out
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What you need to know
  • You need to be at least 18 years old, but younger than 65 years old
  • You need a valid bank account with Barclays Bank Ghana
  • You can choose to cover a spouse (max 1), children (max 5), parents/parents in-law (max 4) and/or extended family members (max 8)
  • The family sum assured is a minimum of GHS1,500 and a maximum of GHS5,000
  • The parents/extended sum assured is a minimum of GHS750 and a maximum of GHS2,500
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What to bring when you apply
  • Completed application form
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