With our digital platforms, you can manage accounts, send cash, pay utility bills, buy airtime and much more. Check out all the ways you can bank below.

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Bank without data.

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Internet banking

Bank from home.

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Mobile banking app

Bank from your smartphone.

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Send cash to any Barclays ATM.

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Transfer money to the UK.

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Cash deposit (ATM)

Bank from an ATM.

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The simplest way to send cash

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Send cash to anyone from any phone. No data needed.

Easily pay bills online

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Manage accounts and pay bills - all from the comfort of your home - by getting started with Internet banking.

Stay connected with easy airtime top-ups

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Need to buy airtime? Easily top up and stay connected with the Barclays mobile app.

Deposit cash any time of day, all year round

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With Barclays Cash Deposit ATMs, you can deposit money whenever you want without setting foot in a branch.

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