Make instant money transfers from any Barclays ATM by using CashSend. Not only can cash be collected without a debit card, but recipients don’t need to have their own bank accounts to withdraw it.

How it works

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What you can do
  • Send and receive money from any Barclays ATM in Ghana
  • You can also send from Hello Money
  • Money can be sent to anyone, including non-Barclays accountholders and those who hold no bank accounts
  • Beneficiary can be notified through an SMS immediately when the cash is sent
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How to get started
  • To send cash, all you need is your Barclays debit card (ATM card) or a mobile phone (if you're sending cash via Hello Money)
  • Go to an ATM or dial *895# and select the 'CashSend' option 
  • Select 'Purchase money voucher'
  • You will get a PIN for the recipient
  • To collect money, the recipient simply needs to go to a Barclays ATM with their PIN, select the 'Cardless Transactions' menu option and follow the on-screen prompts

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