Whether you are trading domestically or abroad, importing or exporting, you have access to trade finance solutions that help you manage risk and let your business thrive. With a network of branches and correspondent banks, we are well connected and equipped to handle transactions in most convertible currencies, worldwide.

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Documentary letters of credit - Import & export

If you’re exporting your goods, let us receive the Export letters of credit and facilitate the payment and transfer of documents.

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Documentary collections   

Make overseas transactions simpler by appointing us to receive important documents from your suppliers and facilitate collection of the proceeds.

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Bonds, indemnities and guarantees

Get the surety you need to secure deals and negotiate better terms with a Barclays guarantee, bond or indemnity for any amount in almost currency.

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Advance payment

If you want to reduce the credit risk, let us ensure that you’re covered.

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Open account payments

You can receive payment as soon as the goods are sent to the importer.

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Avalisation of bills

Provide a guarantee to exporters that the payment for goods will be met.

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The benefits of entrusting your trade finance to Barclays

Enjoy the advantage of conducting your trade finance transactions with the confidence of having an experienced, global partner. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can enjoy solutions that not only cater to your trade finance needs but aspirations, too.

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Added security   

We help you manage and reduce the traditional risks of trade deals, whether overseas or domestic.

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Improved cash flow 

By making the process more efficient and reliable, we can help improve the cash flow of your business.

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Specialist support   

Importing and exporting can be a complex affair, so let our team of experts help guide you to the right solution.

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Global presence  

We have a global reach and reputation for excellence that enhances each of your trade finance transactions.

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