Let’s help you optimise your working capital effectively and manage your capital. Our liquidity management offers you treasury bonds, treasury bills, money market and treasury deposits. Find out about liquidity management offerings.

Attract returns offered via our interest-bearing accounts.
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Manage your surplus funds efficiently.
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Mitigate exchange rate risk through our currency deposit products.
Reduce administration and manage client funds with our client monies management products.
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Grow your investment for your business

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Negotiable Certificate of Deposit

A fixed interest investment instrument issued by Barclays in tenors from 2 weeks up to 1 year. They can be traded on the secondary market, and are ideal for pension funds/asset managers, corporates, insurance firms, high net-worth individuals, and banks.

Wholesale Funding

We provide wholesale funding solutions to institutional clients. Our clients have direct dealing with our Treasury for up to the nanosecond market rates and pricing.

Short Term Borrowing

This is a liability product aimed at providing Corporates, Pension fund managers, Insurance companies and other high net-worth individuals with an alternative investment option, at relatively higher yields. The product is short-dated with a maximum tenor of 1 year and a minimum tenor of 91 days

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