With our fixed income and foreign exchange know-how, you can transact internationally, mitigate risk and capture margin opportunities.

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Trade currency and benefit on the spot date

Our market solutions are made for you. We provide appropriate and timely pricing for foreign exchange services in major currencies against Ghana Cedi, as well as tailor-made solutions for our retail clients. We also undertake cross-currency transactions, as well as vanilla foreign exchange forwards and swaps tailored to your needs.

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 Competitive rates on the execution of foreign exchange transactions.

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It’s a simple way to manage foreign exchange risk.

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It helps you to fix a future currency exchange rate.

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You can exchange as little foreign currency as required.

Our clients
  • Retail consumers
  • SMEs
  • Domestic large corporates
  • Multinational corporations
  • Financial institutions (banks and non-banks)
  • Government and public sector
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Start broadening your trading base

Our bond trading desk sells and buys local currency Government of Ghana securities, as well as the locally-issued USD-denominated government bond. We are an active market maker on the secondary bond market, and we are recognised for enhancing liquidity of local sovereign debt on the market.

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It eliminates uncertainty over the cost of trading.

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Enjoy predictable and better returns for your investment.

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Bonds are risk free and a safe heaven for your money.

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Your world of possibilities

Barclays Bank is a leading Primary Dealer in Government bonds. We are proficient in leading clients successfully to primary auctions as well as a leading secondary market maker.

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Gain insights on bond distribution
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Capture the exchange margin opportunities
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Enjoy good company with our primary dealer for local market
Government of Ghana Securities

Our clients can buy Government of Ghana securities (91-day Treasury bill up to 10-year bonds) through Barclays Ghana in both the primary and secondary markets. It is also one of the three financial institutions mandated by the Government of Ghana to serve as transaction advisors (book-runners) for the issue of Government debt on the local market.

Fixed income investments

Fixed deposit investment
  • Provide customers with fixed-term deposits in Ghana Cedi and a range of foreign currencies at highly competitive interest rates.
Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD)
  • An alternative high-interest investment instrument, Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD), it is the first of its kind in Ghana’s financial market.
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Experience great benefits with our foreign currency

We offer solutions for the management of exchange rate risk, interest rate risk and commodity price risks by providing a variety of hedging products such as swaps and options. We are at the forefront of championing the introduction of Repurchase Agreement (Repo) trading. This involves the trading of securities pledged with other financial institutions.

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Manage exchange rate, interest rate and commodity price risks.
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Reduce the risk of exchange rate volatility.
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Get integrated solutions for online business.
Information resource
  • Up-to-date daily market and update periodic research covering the local and international financial markets.
  • Comprehensive research and analysis delivered made-to-order solutions for our clients.
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