Bespoke to your business, our integrated channel solutions give you greater visibility and more control over managing transactions, processing payments and data reconciliation.

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Web-based banking with Barclays Integrator
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Host-to-host capabilities that allows clients with ERP applications to transmit payment to the bank and receive account-based report in SWIFT MT message
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Flexible choice of industry protocols and authentication tools

How it works

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What you get

Barclays Integrator

  • No more software installation or maintenance requirement
  • Offers more control, improved efficiency and greater convenience through the ability to import payment files
  • Offers the highest level of industry security using Message Authentication Code
  • Provide dynamic passwords using token devices, and maintain control through access profiles
  • Flexibility to define and manage various combinations of authorisation levels
  • You can bank anywhere and anytime you please
  • You receive automatic upgrades to the system

Host-to-host (File Gateway)

  • Fully integrated end-to-end file transport mechanism,
  • Connectivity through Internet protocols including FTPS, SFTP, ConnectDirect Secure+
  • Authentication and verification based on industry standard security
  • Access to multiple country  clearing systems and transaction types
  • Batch status response files
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What’s required when you apply

Barclays Integrator

  • Hold a corporate current account on which to transact
  • State of the art security protocol
  • Access to Internet connectivity

Host to Host (File Gateway)

  • Have an appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Requisite technical resource with the ability to configure server and security settings using certificate and key authentication
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